Founded in 2010, KCS is a company specializing in start-up investment analysis. KCS expanded its business area to crypto-currency in 2017 and offers expertise in crypto-currency consulting and marketing. KCS works to deliver transparent management, high profit returns for our investors and business success for companies.

A company that prioritizes trust

KCS’s utmost priority (our major goal) is trust. Trust built between our clients and companies enables constant investment cooperation. We will think logically and act ethically. We want to build long-term partnerships with you.

KCS’s activities are open to everyone and we use simple language to allow everyone to easily understand what we do because we believe that futuristic companies should aim for transparency and open data, as well as winning public support. KCS leads the field of those companies advocating open data. Where some major companies simply try to apply blockchain solution to business, we are the partner providing effective total advice; development and marketing, partnership and reward.

Company of experts

KCS employs experts specialized in the diverse areas of crypto-currency. KCS allocates data that has been transparently verified by experts. We will continue to promote research on investment principles and its development to deliver excellent outcomes.

KCS works 24 hours a day, adjusting to the global environment. We are structured so as to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing crypto-currency environment. Our history proves that, with our clear goals, KCS is the company to trust.

Creative business plan

the blockchain market led us to found KCS. Blockchain has made great strides and spread across all areas of society & business. KCS has many marketing channels and is based on good communication.

KCS is a Korean, expert crypto-currency company, configured by crypto currency specialists in marketing, digital-coin development, digital-coin education etc. We will rise to become a one-stop solution company providing consulting, expert knowledge etc.

"KCS is a decentralized company."

We open companies’ information and receive public evaluation of it.
We behave logically and we compete with trust using the best professional information.
We avoid corporate selfishness and seek an environment of empathetic communication with the public.
KCS has record of successful projects with numerous companies and its distinctive system has made KCS
a leader in providing innovative solutions for both individuals and companies.

O u r   T e a m


Founder & CEO

Dong Min


Seung Il

Head of Growth

Kang Uk

Head of Support

Su Han

Head of Operations

Kwan Ho

CryptoCurrency Analyst

Su Jin


Seonhye Kim


Beom Jun

chart analyst

Jong Cheon

R&D Consultant